Postcard Marketing Secrets: 3 Secrets To Big Postcard Profits, Postcard Marketing and Direct Mail! – Part 1

Internet Marketing, Passive Income | 9 Jan 2011

Postcard Marketing Secrets Postcard Marketing Secrets Part-1: The Money Is In Your List… Do You Have The Right One?

Simple, easy, low-cost but highly effective postcard marketing is an often overlooked and incredibly powerful way to literally explode your mlm or network marketing business and do it very quickly.

I mean let’s get real here… What is the one BIG thing you need more than anything else if you are ever going to create the kind of cash flow you’d like to with your business?


Heck, you know as well as I know that if you don’t have leads then you don’t have a business! Right? Leads are the fuel and lifeblood of your business. Without high quality leads your toast!


Postcard Marketing Secrets

Postcard marketing is one of the most effective and simplest ways to generate those leads for you and the best part about postcards (and what’s really crazy too) is that hardly anyone is using this powerful method for generating high quality leads.

In fact, everyone is so focused on marketing on the internet and “online” that marketing “offline” is wide open… Most marketers completely ignore it… Almost ZERO competition!


But I’ve gotta’ warn you…

Even though there is very little competition marketing offline with postcards there is a RIGHT way and a WRONG way to do it and I can promise ya’ that if you do it the wrong way you will blow your marketing budget and go broke so fast it will make your head spin! Yeah… Seriously!

Trust me I learned the hard way…

So what are the secrets to effective postcard marketing? Good I’m glad you asked. Read on… (smile)

This is a 3 part article and over the next 3 posts I’m gonna’ reveal exactly how I quietly built a $30K monthly residual cash flow in one of my programs by following a kick butt formula I developed by mailing out simple cheap little postcards.

I’m gonna’ show ya’ how to create BIG postcard profits and all the secret little strategies the real major players use in the offline marketing world.

Stick with me here…

Because I PROMISE you’re going to have a PhD in postcard marketing by the time I’m done with you! It’s gonna’ be fast paced and I’m going to get a bit technical so try to keep up…


Postcard Marketing Secrets #1: The Money Is In Your List…

As marketers we’ve all heard the saying that “The money is in your list” right? Well with postcard marketing, not only is that saying absolutely true but it is also absolutely crucial!

In other words…

Without first getting yourself a proper mailing list do not even bother trying to market with postcards! Unless of course you just like throwing your money away and if that’s the case just let me know and I’ll give you the address to my paypal account. LOL…

In order to run an effective mailing campaign for your network marketing business you need a LASER targeted list of opportunity BUYERS and not just opportunity “seekers”. Believe me there is a huge difference between opportunity buyers and opportunity seekers.


Why is this important to you?

Opportunity seekers are just people who have filled out some kind of form to request more information on an opportunity. They are basically just tire kickers looking for free information so they can keep searching for an opportunity and never actually BUYING!

Where as…

Opportunity “buyers” have proven themselves they have already spent large sums of money on programs similar to what you are offering. Now that you are only mailing to opportunity buyers this makes your ability to rake in the cash much easier. All ya’ gotta do is put the correct offer in front of them and its basically a slam dunk sale.

Easy…Easy.. Easy!

Now in just a second I’m going to talk about the best list brokers to use that can provide you with hot “opportunity buyers” but there is a 1 more crucial step when choosing a proper list that 99% of postcard marketers overlook! You see its NOT enough to just have a good list of opportunity buyers.

They also have to be buyers of similar programs to what you’re offering and most importantly they have to be buyers of programs in YOUR offers same price range.

This is a MAJOR component and factor in your postcard marketing campaign! And like I said most people marketing with postcards overlook this step and then they wonder why they get crappy results from their mailings. (shaking my head)


Look at it this way…

Having a hot list of opportunity buyers is great but if that list of buyers are people that have only bought $100 dollar programs and your offer costs $500 bucks then you “ain’t exactly gonna’ break any sales records” by mailing your offer to them…. It’s simply TOO far out of their PRICE RANGE!

You may get a couple sales that trickle in but like I said… You’re not gonna’ break any sales records…. It is absolutely crucial that your offer matches the price range of what your list of opportunity buyers are used to buying!

It works the other way around to…

If your program is on the lower price range.. say $50 bucks, then you’re gonna’ get horrible results mailing to a list of opportunity buyers that normally buy programs in the $1,000 range. They just won’t be interested in your low priced offer…

Now that’s just common sense right? (Big Smile) Well… YES!

But as the saying goes… “Common sense ain’t so common”! LOL. Trust me on this one. I can almost guarantee you that 9 out of 10 people using postcard marketing DO NOT check the price range when they go out to purchase their list of buyers.

Okay… so now ya’ know what “type” of list you need so where do you go to get it? Introducing the almighty “List Broker”…


List Brokers: Beware of the sharks…

Having a good list broker is absolutely invaluable! It will LITERALLY make or break your postcard marketing business. There’s actually an old saying that us “direct mailers” have…

“There are only 3 things that really matter in life… #1 is your wife or husband… #2 is your children and #3 is your LIST BROKER!”


I’m kidding of course but you get my point. A good list broker should be able to match up your “specific offer” with the right list. All you have to do is explain your offer to him and any good list broker worth their salt should be able to pull several good lists that fit your offer.

From there it’s just a matter of negotiating the price. When you’re working with a list broker let them know up front that if they provide you with great lists at a great price you will continue to use them. Be sure to tell them that you’d like to establish a long term relationship with lots of repeat business for them.

In the beginning you will want to work with 2 or 3 list brokers and over time the cream will rise to the top and you’ll know which broker provides the best service and which of them you want to work with on a permanent basis.

You can expect to pay $100 to $190 per 1000 names for a quality buyers list.


*WARNING: Be warned though that just because a list of names is more expensive that it is “better”. I’ve gotten the same results mailing to more expensive lists as I’ve gotten from lower priced ones. It really depends on if your particular “offer” matches up well with a particular list. Quite often it has nothing to do with the price.



Here’s a little insider secret and dirty little trick some unscrupulous list brokers like to play. Some dishonest list brokers (can you imagine a list broker being dishonest? Lol) will have a selection of lists denoted as “premium” or “super hot” and will charge almost double for these “super hot” lists… DO NOT fall for this trap!

I learned this the hard way… 99% of the time those so called “premium” “super hot” lists come from the same freakin’ database as their regular lists! So consider yourself warned…

Don’t fall for the “premium” list trap!

If a list broker insists on pushing you into buying his “premium” lists then tell him that you are an experienced direct mail marketer and then ask him if his “super hot” lists are the only good lists he has then does that mean his other lists are garbage?

After you tell the list broker that then they’ll normally back peddle, jump into “defense” mode and start telling you that their “regular” lists are very good also. And as soon as he tells you that, then you say… “Okay, if your regular lists are still very good like you say then I’ll just buy those”. (wink)


So where do you find quality list brokers?


Finding Quality List Brokers:

Without the right guidance finding a quality list broker can be like finding the proverbial needle in a hay stack. Here are a few tips to ensure you find the right broker for yourself.

1. SRDS: (Standard Rate and Data Service) Use the SRDS database for a comprehensive solution to finding quality lists. They’ll even customize a database search based specifically on your requirements. If you are going to be involved in any type of direct mail marketing this is a very valuable resource.

2. Google: Using google is a super fast and highly effective way to find quality list brokers. I’ve actually used google to find some of my favorite list brokers! Some of my best list brokers that I’ve used for years I actually found by doing a simple search on google! Do a search for “list brokers”, “direct mail leads” or “mailing lists”

You’ll get back several results. What you wanna do is start contacting them and tell them about your project and offer. Like I said earlier, it’s best to work with 2 or 3 different brokers and let them compete for your business After working with them on a couple of your mailings you’ll know which broker you want to continue using and which broker to tell to take a hike! If possible you want to only work with brokers that “specialize” in your particular types of offers.

3. Don’t Believe The Hype: List Brokers are great salesmen and they ALL talk a really big game about how good their lists are! Well you know as well as I do that some people that talk a big game can actually back up what they say but most people cannot! So do your research and don’t just go with a broker because he gave you a good “sales pitch”.

If they are as good as they say they are then they should have plenty of happy customers that can provide a reference for them. So ask for references of other satisfied clients. And not just 1 or 2 references either. GET SEVERAL! Remember you are looking for a good broker to work with long term so do your home work when evaluating a potential broker.


So which list brokers do I personally use??

I love when I get this question! Here’s the answer… I’m NOT Telling! LOL. Sorry but asking a direct mail marketer which list broker he uses is like asking him to let you go out with his wife! It just ain’t gonna’ happen. (Big Smile)


If you follow the formula I gave you for finding and evaluating a list broker then you’ll end up using the same list brokers I use anyway. Because truthfully there are only a handful of brokers out there that can actually back up what they say and if you use my formula you should be able to find them.


* But here’s what I will do… For a select few of you I just might reveal my private list brokers but there’s a catch! You’ll have to call me personally to find out what it is I’m not about to reveal my personal exclusive list brokers on a blog post! I’m crazy but that NOT that crazy! LOL. You’ll have to speak to me personally for that info…


If you really wanna’ take play with the “big boys” and discover how to really rake in the BIG profits with postcards then make sure ya’ keep your EYEBALLS peeled for my next post and…

Part 2 of Postcard Marketing Secrets and Direct Mail For Big Profits!

In part 2 I’m gonna show you how to literally double your response rates with postcard marketing and increase your cash flow by nearly 50%! Yeah… Your mouth is really watering now isn’t it? (Big Smile)



“Always remember… “Rich People Send Their Money To Work So They Can Stay Home And Play!”

Murry Thurman, A.K.A. “The Passive Income Genius®” Phone: 1(800) 398-0850

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