Wealth Vault Review I Brad Wajnman’s Wealth Vault: 5 Most Common Questions About The Wealth Vault Answered by an ACTUAL User

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Wealth Vault ReviewWealth Vault Review:

No doubt the Wealth Vault is certainly getting quite a bit of attention on the internet these days and what’s causing the stir is the idea of being able to create hands free passive income without all the headaches and hassles of having to recruit, sell or sponsor people.

Yeah that sounds just super. I mean who wouldn’t want hands free passive income?

The question is does the Wealth Vault actually deliver??

Let’s face it…

The internet abounds with promises of easy passive income and tales of easy riches. By the way when’s the last time “easy riches” fell into your lap? Yeah… Don’t hold your breath.

So in an attempt to cut through all the hype and bullshit I’m going to give an honest review and answer the top 5 common questions about the wealth vault.


Wealth Vault Review


1.  What exactly is the Wealth Vault and who are the people really behind it?    

The Wealth Vault was created and founded by Brad Wajnman and Barry Goss. Brad is actually an old business associate of mine as well as being one of my early mentors.

A long time dream of Brad’s, the Wealth Vault is a private and very exclusive, “inner circle” membership and investment club. As long as I’ve known Brad he’s been like a mad scientist, obsessed with finding the best investments and passive income vehicles. The Wealth Vault was built for the sole purpose of helping its members make, manage and multiply their money passively.  


2. Does the Wealth Vault Actually deliver passive income? Wealth Vault Review

Although the Wealth Vault by itself does not deliver passive income (that isn’t its purpose) you’ll find a rolodex of top notch passive income investments and elite money managers listed inside your member’s area.

So yes, the Wealth Vault does essentially deliver passive income.


3.  What’s inside the Wealth Vault and what exactly do you get?

Like Brad says… “You won’t find your grandpa’s old school, slow investment methods inside the Wealth Vault”. What you’ll find is a virtual smorgasbord of some of the most powerful investment vehicles and little known strategies to grow your wealth passively.

You’ll get access to an ever growing rolodex of Managed Trading Accounts, some of which are yielding verified monthly returns of 5.28% – 23.4% with a 10 year track record of solid performance.


4. What if you don’t have much money to start? Can you still benefit from the Wealth Vault?

Having more money to begin investing will certainly speed things up. I mean let’s be honest here. If all you’ve got is a couple bucks then you aren’t exactly going to make billions of dollars like Warren Buffet. The short answer is no you don’t need a bunch of money to benefit from the membership.

The Wealth Vault was purposely created for the “little guy” to get access to the same types of high return investments that are normally reserved for the rich.

You’ll be happy to know that there are great investments listed inside the Wealth Vault that you can participate in for as little as a few hundred bucks.


5. Does the Wealth vault provide investment advice?

No. The Wealth Vault is not a financial advisory service which is clearly stated on their website. The Wealth Vault does provide you with dozens of resources and the contact information for professional advisers who are licensed to do so.


Wealth Vault Review:

*WARNING:  Membership in the Wealth Vault is NOT for everyone. For a more detailed look under the hood then you’ll wanna check out this video here Wealth Vault Review 

You can also get more info on the Wealth Vault by diving into some of my more detailed Wealth Vault Review  posts.


Free Wealth Vault Tips & Strategies

If you’d like my exact formula for success with the Wealth Vault along with my personal tips and strategies for you to get the MAXIMUM benefit from your membership or…

If you’d just like a quick consultation from an experienced investor and user of the program to help you determine if the Wealth Vault is something that you’d benefit from then give me a call at 1-800-398-0850 and I’ll be happy to share my results and experience with the system.

Personally I’ve known Brad Wajnam for years and have worked with him in various business opportunities since 2007.

I’m a charter member and active user of the passive income vehicles listed within the Wealth Vault so either way I can help you get pointed in the right direction…



“Always remember… “Rich People Send Their Money To Work So They Can Stay Home And Play!”

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